so I have been running my Pi for a few moments already and after storage time, tried to boot it and it would do everything normally, but after displaying the "welcome to raspberry Pi desktop" screen, there is a black screen.

The keyboard is reactive, so doing ctrl+alt+delete will cause it to reboot, there previously was a lightning bolt on the top right, I changed the power adapter and it went away.

The green light flashes normally

edit: I am using raspbian I can't figure out what causes the problem, thanks for helping!

  • Which OS are you using? – SkyPlayX Mar 21 at 3:46
  • I suggest you re-flash your sd card with the latest Raspbian Buster with Desktop. – CoderMike Mar 21 at 11:12
  • I tried, but can't seem to get Pi imager to work, every time I press sd card, it crashes, I'll look into that – matkiller333 Mar 22 at 3:03

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