I have tried to boot a Raspberry Pi 4 from an SD card, and it is working fine. But when I was trying to boot the Raspberry Pi 4 from USB, it was not booting up.

Is it possible to boot the Raspberry Pi 4 from USB without using an SD card?

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No, that's not been implemented yet. The Raspberry Pi 4 has a different boot process to earlier Raspberry Pis. You can still put your root file system on the USB drive and point the SD card to it which is what I do:

Raspberry Pi 4 USB Boot Config Guide for SSD / Flash Drives


Yes, you can boot from the raspberry pi now. Everything you need to know is in this article How to Boot Raspberry Pi 4 From a USB SSD or Flash DriveYou enter a few commands and change some configuration settings copy the sd card and then reboot the raspberry pi.

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