I followed this link to share my mobile hotspot to my windows desktop using raspberry pi 3 with network manager. Once the setup is complete, I noticed a poor internet connection in comparative when using a usb tethered internet from my mobile... Can anyone help me understand why and how can I resolve it?

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    Hello and welcome -- Avoid adding a video link. Please add all the procedure you have done and what was your problem then what you did to fix it. – M. Rostami Mar 23 at 17:31
  • What speeds are you getting? I need to see a comparison. Also, monitor how hard the Pi is working -- is CPU or RAM usage really high? – user96931 Mar 23 at 18:25
  • @user96931 I am having 4g connection.... i didn't notice cpu usage since i was not running application even in the background... but usb tethered internet connection was speedy.. where as here it was not even loading google homepage quickly.... it was dead slow – Crazie Ash Mar 24 at 18:57
  • sure @M. Rostami – Crazie Ash Mar 24 at 18:58

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