One is able to add a second SD card on RasPis by activating the SDIO interface.

However, on the Pi 3 and Pi Zero, the integrated WiFi is connected via SDIO.

Can you have both at the same time?


Results of a test with a Pi 3 A+, following instructions from here;

  • Second SD card via SDIO 1-bit

    1) Second SD card appears as /dev/mmcblk1

    2) Integrated WiFi interface does not appear in ifconfig

  • Second SD NOT enabled

    1) Second SD card is ignored

    2) Integrated WiFi interface appears in ifconfig, and is functional

No, you can't have both, they are mutually exclusive. You need to use USB if you want both a second storage device and wifi.

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  • I am unble to test 4-bit SDIO. If someone else can do that, feel free to post the results. – Alexander M Mar 27 at 0:26

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