How to install Folding@home on RPi3 B on Raspbian, if it’s possible at all?

The Folding@home download page does have 64 and 32 debian versions, but downloading them results in an error

“A package could not be found that allows the action to complete...”

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

  • Your RPi is not fast enough to run F@H, there's no F@H client for ARMHF (your raspberry doesn't have an X86 processor). So it is a complete non-starter. – Dougie Mar 28 at 10:00

Try Bionic if you want to contribute Rpi time to Covid research https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/fight-coronavirus-with-raspberry-pi


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Currently there is no package that will run on the Pi. Now out of date - see below edits

The packages you are trying to install are for x86 chipsets only.

Best thing to do is move your day to day computing to the Pi and free up your PC or Mac to do the folding tasks.

Edit: Source for the client is not available for cross compilation

Edit 2: Balena (of Etcher fame) has now released a 'Fold for Covid' project image for the Pi 3 / Pi 4 and lots of other single boards / dedicated computers and 'spare' processing on your main machine. Full details are at THIS LINK HERE Note technically this is not Folding@home (it is based on Rosetta by Baker Labs but is for a good cause

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    If the source code avaialbe it may be cross-compiled. – Biswapriyo Mar 28 at 8:03
  • @Biswapriyo Good point - some of the code is Python and in GITHUB at github.com/FoldingAtHome – Andyroo Mar 28 at 12:48
  • Which repository? The source code is not present there. In the Debian release, readme file has some repo link but those are not found. – Biswapriyo Mar 28 at 15:34
  • Full client source is not available (only the models). The client is released under a specific licence for them foldingathome.org/support/faq/opensource – Andyroo Mar 28 at 16:51

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