Recently I noticed that with Raspbian 10, when I unplug ethernet and plug it in again, Wicd won't reconnect. Before, with Raspbian 9 I could just unplug ethernet and plug it in when I wish, and it would automatically reconnect. How do I make it reconnect automatically?

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  • Raspbian doesn't use Wicd. It works perfectly with default networking - see How to set up networking/WiFi – Milliways Mar 29 at 23:10
  • Are you sure? Because I certainly didn't install it myself and when I upgraded to Raspbian 10 it was installed and is now launched every boot – user96931 Mar 30 at 0:50
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    Absolutely positive. Raspbian has been using dhcpcd since May 2015 - See How to set up networking/WiFi. NOTE upgrading Raspbian is NOT officially supported - the Foundation recommends fresh installation. Those who ignore this advice have a lot of patching to do. – Milliways Mar 30 at 2:45

I solved my problem first by installing dhcpcd by running # apt-get install dhcpcd dhcpcd-gtk and then by uninstalling wicd by using # apt purge wicd, then # apt autoremove. Now if I unplug ethernet and reconnect it, it reconnects automatically.

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