please tell me how to install and run roblox and roblox studio on raspberry pi 3. it should not use pip or pip3.i have already tried using add/remove software app and sudo apt-get install roblox.


Going by the options on this link Roblox is not available for the Pi.

The corporate site states it’s only for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

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I almost got it to work by going to this link web.roblox.com/library/41032326/kano and logging in.

Then I went to games and you click a game you want to play, then click the button that says download and install roblox. It then gives you a choice to open in a file. You then would click the open file button, then it lets you open file but i cant figure out how to open the file and install roblox player XD. You can still do anything but play games or create them.

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