Good Evening, Ideas- I'm operating at work so I'm very limited to my "lab" to play around with stuff. Anyway- here's what I've got- Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 8 Raspberry Pi 4 Windows 10 Machine (with VNC, Teamviewer, Oracle, and putty/winscp) iPhone providing internet to laptop via wifi or usb tether Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 providing wifi hotspot

I'm playing with the EdgeRouter and optimizing/configuring it to take home later for my home network. However, I've been effectively using it as a switch basically trying to use the Pi. I've started a headless pi and can ssh into it but I need internet to get teamviewer installed on it and get a GUI.

Currently loaded Ubuntu on it.

Anyone have ideas on how to do this? I also have a crossover cable if that was helpful....

Open ears.


  • Is the pi currently connected to the internet? Or is that what you are trying to achieve so that you can view the pi's screen using TeamVeiwer. – Roxiun Apr 6 at 2:43
  • unfortunately my source of internet at the moment is the iphone...so no, consider it a brand new, effectively untouched pi that's headless......and I've just been using the EdgeRouter to access it (as a switch) because that's what I know. – sassriverrat Apr 6 at 3:48

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