I am trying to set up serial communication between my Raspberry Pi Zero W and my PSoC. I want to do this through a normal microUSB to USB 2.0 converter cable, which looks somewhat like this picture: enter image description here

This means I am going to be using the microUSB port on my RPI and NOT the GPIO pins. Furthermore, I am also only going to be using the USB port on my PSoC and not any of the pins either. My question is: How do I find the /dev/tty driver on Linux for this specific USB port? Keep in mind, that I already have my left USB port connected to my PC. Therefore, I am asking about the USB port to the right.

Also, how do I find out whether it is enabled or not, and how do I configure the baud rate and set it to TX.


NOTE: I assume you are using Raspbian for this and not another O/S.

To check if the device is recognised use:


You can then identify the device by:

ls /dev


dmesg | grep tty

and you should see something along the lines of /dev/ttyUSBx where x is a digit.

For communications there are many ways:

There are other terminal emulators (and I am sure others will pop in with the favourites) but I have found for basic things minicom just works :)

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  • It seems like the USB port is disabled because when I run lsusb without the PSoC plugged in and then run lsusbwith the PSoC plugged into the RPI microUSB, lsusbshows no difference between the two. That's why I asked how I can find out whether or not the USB port is enabled or deactivated. – user54952820 Apr 8 at 12:45
  • In your answer you try to find an USB interface on the power supply connector (also micro USB). You will never find some there. – Ingo Apr 9 at 6:54

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