I am designing a Compute Module 3 based PCB online on : Gumstix

I can download the CAD files and it automatically generates the device tree so it seemed convenient. I created a custom design and downloaded it's design, schematics and device tree. But the .dts file is missing some things. I had selected GPIO 45 as NRESET for the LAN9512 chip but it doesn't reflect in the device tree.

Here is the .dts : Device Tree

Also according to the schematic they have automatically provided an on board EEPROM CAT24C256


My question:

  1. What is the purpose of this EEPROM used? Because I coundn't find any on the official development board.

  2. GPIO2 and GPIO3 have been used for the EEPROM as SDA SCL. Can I switch them with GPIO0 and GPIO1 as they are intended for this purpose?

  3. Is the automatically generated device tree wrong and I need to add the NRESET/LAN_RUN and the pins defined for the EEPROM?

I am trying to reach Gumstix support for a few days now but they are offline due to lockdown. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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