My RPi is running flawlessly on Raspbian Stretch, but when i flash a Jessie it shows me a rainbow screen with undervoltage icon. I've tried a couple versions of Jessie, to no prevail.

I specificaly need Jessie for the project i'm making.

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    Jessie can't be used on a RPi3B+ Use Raspbian Buster.
    – Dougie
    Apr 19, 2020 at 12:59

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As already said by others, Raspbian Jessie cannot run on a RPi 3B+ because lack of support for the updated hardware design in particular for the WiFi chip. Further information you can find at Why am I getting a rainbow screen and flashing red PWR LED with a new Raspberry Pi 3B+?.

In addition, Raspbian Jessie is deprecated a long time and has definitely left support since 2020-01-01. It seems you better change your project to use an up to date Raspbian operating system.


You can't run Jessie on a Pi3B+

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