I have been trying to SMS with my Raspberry Pi using a Vodafone (Huawei) K4606 USB stick with a vendor ID of 12D1 and a product ID of 1F19. In a Windows box, It works fine, using the provided Vodafone software.

I found so many Raspberry Pi tutorials on the subject and all of them used a USB stick that creates one or more ttyUSB devices (with or without usb_modeswitch) that allows a user to issue AT commands, either directly with the CLI on a terminal screen or a shell script, or through the use of a utility such as Gammu. None of the resources I found talked about using wwan to send and receive SMS, which is what my K4606 stick creates.

I am not interested in making phone calls, finding my GPS coordinates, surfing the web or anything else at present. Only the sending and receiving of text messages.

In the gammu-config screen, I set the Port to(0x12d1:0x1f19) with every possible connection available. I also changed the port to (wwan0), again with every possible connection available, rebooting and testing every time, but never got anywhere.

I am trying to test it with a very simple:

echo "Hello World!" | sudo gammu --sendsms TEXT +61435055555

Depending on the Gammu connection selected, the errors returned are either:

  1. Error opening device, it doesn’t exist.
  2. Unknown connection type string. Check config file.
  3. Error opening device. Some hardware not connected/wrongly configured.
  4. Bluetooth configuration requires channel option.
  5. Desired functionality has been disabled on compile time.
  6. Error opening device. Unknown, busy or no permissions.

I just do not know where to go from here and am hoping that someone may be able to give me some guidance.

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