I want to capture raspberry pi desktop without connected monitor. IS it possible to run a program capture with script at boot up and record the desktop? Or the raspberry pi must be connected with monitor to recognize that there is a port (monitor) ?

  • Are you wanting to capture a static image of the desktop or a video? What is the purpose? – CoderMike Apr 21 at 12:46

The simplest way is to set the resolution in config.txt along these lines:

# Set to allow monitor to be added after boot
# Set resolution to PAL @ 12180x1024 60Hz


You can then use VNC to set the desktop up if the program you want to record is not automatic.

As for capturing the screen:

  1. I use scrot for single screen shots though this article also covers GNOME screen shot
  2. As for recording changes, there are many programs Record My Desktop is one and Simple Screen Recorder that I've seen on the Pi
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