I want to disable i2c0 while keeping i2c1 active.

Everything I can find either disables or enables both, but I haven't found a way to only activate one of them.

  • I saw a reference to dtparam=i2c1=on but cannot find the post now (not on the same computer) and I’m not sure how old this was. Gut feel is it will be buried in the device tree which is way over my skill level / pay grade :-). I also thought I2C0 was HAT eeprom only and not supposed to be used for ANYTHING... – Andyroo Apr 22 at 3:09
  • I am using a Compute Module 3, which does not really have a concept of hats, but instead just provides i2c0 as regular i2c pins. – Dakkaron Apr 22 at 6:19

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