I wanted to do a project where I can self drive my RC car using machine learning. However I have never used a Pi before and im not sure how to proceed. Here are the basics of what i have right now. The RC car has a chip which controls three functions. Front, Back and Steering. It is all static controls so in the remote control it presses a button to make these 3 controls work. The Chip onboard the Car uses a battery pack of AAA batteries stuck underneath the body. I have added the photos below. I want to control these features with the Pi GPIO pins directly, is that possible? Can someone lay the basics of how to proceed here? Do i need to buy another module like L293D (i saw it in many tutorials online, but not sure how it works or how to make it work either) or a breadboard too?

  • As far as your question is concerned note that all the Pi GPIO are 3V3 safe only. – joan Apr 22 '20 at 10:18

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