Its possible ? And how ? Thx. I searching for best operating system for my pi. I know old Windows systems too NT. Only sugestion.

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    what are you asking? – jsotola Apr 22 at 6:40
  • No. You can run Windows 10 IOT (Arm Edition) on a Raspberry Pi, but not an ordinary Windows. It's an entirely different hardware. – PMF Apr 22 at 11:18
  • Even with Windows IoT, the Pi 3B+ has to use the unsupported technical preview docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/iot-core/troubleshooting and it’s known to have issues. The Pi 4 is not supported. – Andyroo Apr 22 at 18:47

All Microsoft Windows operating systems (except MS Windows 10 IOT) are made and compiled to run on intel microprocessors. These have a complete different instruction set than that ARM processors used for Raspberry Pi. So it is not possible to run MS Windows operating systems direct on a Raspberry Pi. This is also true for MS Windows NT. You can use emulators like qemu to translate the instruction set from intel to ARM but on a Raspberry Pi this is annoying slow and not really usable.

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