I feel like I have an interesting question (but maybe not). Obviously the Pi has the GPIO pins that can control servos and sensors. Is it possible to control these with the RPi version of android installed?

Backstory: I'm building a unity game which can only run on the Pi if the Pi is running android. Unity does not support ARM processors unless it's through an apk, which is an android installation file. So I want to get this unity game on my pi and when certain scenes are triggered, I'd like the pi to trigger some GPIO actions like turning on a small fan to simulate wind in the scene or turning on a strip of LED's when the player enters a certain room, etc.

I'm assuming that I need to run python scripts to access the GPIO functionality, which is the "normal" way to do it.

1)Is it possible to call python scripts within the Android OS environment on the Pi?

2)Is it possible to access the GPIO's through C# which is what Unity scripts are written in?

3)Is there a game engine that supports VR that can output games compatible with the Pi's ARM system running an OS other than android (raspbian for example)?

Or does anyone know of an alternative route to achieve this? The end goal is running a Unity (or possible alternative game engine) game on the pi that can interact with the GPIO's to trigger actions in the real world through peripherals attached to the player's station.

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