I am trying to get guitarix with jack running on a Pi4. The USB Audio device is working properly for line out e.g. watching youtube.

As soon as I start jack and guitarix, the audio stops playing. Now I've set up Jack and guitarix like this:
enter image description here

Alsa Mixer is showing:
enter image description here

But there is no sound input when clicking the Tuner Tab in Guitarix. I tried connecting a guitar, a microphone but no sound.

What could I've done wrong?

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Okay found the mistake.

The microphone and guitar adapter I was using a designed with a 3 ring 2.5 jack. This sort is often used for smartphones e.g. I've got an adaptor for the microfon with 2 ring 2.5. jack shown below too and now it is working
The Sabrent USB Audio Adapter only acceppts the 2 ring jack.

enter image description here

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