My router doesn't have bandwidth control per IP/MAC feature. I was wondering if there's a way to use my Raspberry Pi 3+ (that's already used as a pi-hole) to control the bandwidth for each IP/MAC in my network.

Is there a way to use the raspberry pi as a front to the router (using port forwarding or MiTM for ex) and then control the bandwidth of each device using the Traffic Control library ?

NB : This is my network that I 100% own.

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    "Is there a way to use the raspberry pi as a front to the router" -> It's going to be a substantial bottleneck, so much so you probably won't need to bother implementing traffic control. Everything will be slowed down... – goldilocks Apr 30 at 16:00
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    Are you talking about LAN traffic or Internet traffic? If the first invest in a decent switch, if the latter then look at OpenWRT for the Pi with at least one extra USB Ethernet adapter but note I upvoted Goldilocks answer. Look at your router and see if it supports quality of service - else save money and time and buy a box that lets you set rules. even if it’s cheap On off eBay and can be reflashed with dd-wrt or similar it will save you pain. Given the cost a cheap mini-itx board with two lan ports may well be cheaper. Also are you sure you need shaping or is it a lan or site issue? – Andyroo May 1 at 0:08

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