trying to connect Pi4 to a Hitachi TV (pretty old - mid 2000's), however it has the HDMI port. So my Pi4 is connected.

SD card is with OS's on it.

Any idea why Pi4 is not booting up? I have selected a PC channel on TV.

Thank you.

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    Which OS how did you flash it? Suggest flashing Raspbian Buster with Desktop direct to sd card with Etcher. You may then need to force your TV resolution in /boot/config.txt.
    – CoderMike
    May 1, 2020 at 11:55
  • Thanks, not sure what you mean by flashing Raspbian Buster. In regards to forcing resolution, there is no config file in OS's folders. I reformatted the Sd card and uploaded NOOBS to it via copy/paste from the RP website download. i.postimg.cc/qM3CMc0R/Screenshot-2020-05-01-at-13-02-29.png May 1, 2020 at 12:04
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    Maybe the Raspberry Pi imager would be easier raspberrypi.org/downloads
    – CoderMike
    May 1, 2020 at 12:39
  • Thanks, will I be able to install the rest of the OS's after? May 2, 2020 at 10:46
  • I installed Imager, still the same, no connection made. Will have to email Pi org. Thanks May 3, 2020 at 18:25

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Try the following in /boot/config.txt:

# force HDMI
# disable EDID
# DMT group
# 1366x768 60Hz 16:9



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