Maybe the solution is easy and I'm just stupid, but I configured my raspberry pi on my home router ( using ethernet and gave it a static ip of Now I changed places and I'm working with a router with an ip range of

Now even if I connect the raspberry pi via ethernet to the router and nmap the network it doesn't show up ? How do I connect to it ? XD

  • Have you tried direct-connecting your RPi to your laptop (or whatever) after setting your laptop to a fixed IP of (for example)? – Seamus May 2 at 17:04
  • @Seamus Would write an answer with your solution but just saw your comment. Make it an answer. – Ingo May 2 at 18:25
  • @Ingo: Thanks, but you go ahead please... I'm involved in something else now & don't want to stop. – Seamus May 3 at 3:22

You have discovered one of the drawbacks of static IP.

There is no simple solution if you don't have a monitor and keyboard.

You could mount the SD Card on a Linux machine (which can be a Pi) and edit the file you changed.

If you connect the Pi to a computer via Ethernet it is possible to ssh into it via the IPv6 Link Local address. This may require you to enable ssh if not already set. Then ssh pi@raspberrypi.local

The third option is to connect via a serial console. This needs a suitable dongle and enabling console in cmdline.txt

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The simplest way is to plug in a display and keyboard, boot it up and change the IP from the UI.

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