So I'm very new to audio stuff, but my setup is the following:

Any HDMI device --(via HDMI)--> TV --(via SPDIF)--> USB Sound Card (input) --> RaspberryPi --> USB Sound Card (3x3.5mm Audio Jack (Front, Rear, Center)) -> Logitech Sound

Visualization of my goal in alsamixer

My problem is routing the audio on the RaspberryPi. My understanding is that I need to decode the DolbyDigital or anything to be understandable for the output device? How do I keep the 5.1 sound from the TV and pass it to my 5.1 Sound System


Console Outputs:

aplay -L: https://pastebin.com/MCjMPjrY

aplay -l: https://pastebin.com/nSAp3eiV

Picture of the Soundcard

  • Try to find the ac3dec/a52dec tool somewhere. – CL. May 8 at 6:38
  • Thank you but is there any advice how to use it in my scenario? – Bommelmuetze24 May 9 at 18:28

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