I have manually installed RetroPie, using the terminal and some tutorials.. Finally ready to start everything up... and then get this error:

Error Creating SDL window! Could not get EGL display Renderer failed to initialize! Window failed to initialize!

Then I changed the dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d code. Taking it off (and later also back on again in the config.txt.) Also Tried changing GL drivers.

Now the error is: * failed to add service - already in use?

What to do now?


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Set the Pi to boot to command line only.

This can be done by selecting the option from the gui menu somehow (no gui handy at the mo) or via

sudo raspi-config

Select option 3 then B1 then B1 or B2 (I recommend to use a password).

Do not run the desktop.

Start retro-pi from the command line.

By the way, retro-pi have a very good set of support users at their own forum

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