I'm using the Raspberry Pi 4B with 2GB of RAM. I have no problems with WIFI connection, though. But I can't make connection using nm-applet (and nm-connection-editor). On nm-applet it shows "device not ready" under "Wi-Fi Networks". Anyway, I can connect to WIFI using the built-in (LXDE or PIXEL, I believe) WIFI manager.

Summarising, I'd like to have possibility to connect to WIFI on wlan0 (Raspberry Pi 4B built-in WIFI interface) using NetworkManager.

  • Have you installed Network Manager? – Milliways May 11 at 21:37
  • @Milliways Yes, I installed "network-manager" and "network-manager-gnome" – Cimlah May 11 at 21:40
  • What operating system do you use? Raspbian Buster? – Ingo May 13 at 10:22

If you want to use Network Manager you need to disable the default Raspbian dhcpcd network management tool. The 2 systems are incompatible.

There is no advantage in Network Manager, and it does not really suit the Pi modus operandi - in particular swapping SD Cards between Pi won't work - each Pi needs to be configured individually (although I cannot be sure what Network Manager would do on Raspbian).

You will probably have to enable predictable network interface names

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  • Thank you. It worked – Cimlah May 12 at 9:42

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