I'd like to have some better gui for managing network connections, something similar to nm-connection-editor. But nm-connection-editor is available for NetworkManager and I want more advanced gui for dhcpcd.


@Andyroo advised to add some details. Here they are: possibility of setting static IP, netmask, default gateway etc. for multiple network interfaces, possibility of setting VPN. So these are actually functionalities just like in nm-connection-editor. Of course I'm looking for gui for managing dhcpcd on Raspbian.

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Roy Marples maintains the dhcpcd network package and the dhcpcd-ui for config - details are here on his site. Maybe asking on the mailing list could turn something up if you do not want to fork/edit the code yourself?

It may help others to edit your question to detail your needs a bit more (e.g. explain what you need it to do)?

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