I recently bought a new RPi 4 and tried to install the module I ran on the old RPi 3B (which ran successfully). Now, when trying to install the same module on the RPi 4 I get 2 warnings when compiling the kernel module - WARNING: "__sanitizer_cov_trace_const_cmp4" [/home/pi/AMAT/ens_adc_3/ens_adc_3.ko] undefined! WARNING: "__sanitizer_cov_trace_pc" [/home/pi/AMAT/ens_adc_3/ens_adc_3.ko] undefined!

When trying to install the module, I get - insmod: ERROR: could not insert module ens_adc_3.ko: Unknown symbol in module

I installed the most updated kernel headers and I couldn't find any solutions when I Googled. Any suggestions?

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Problem solved - I formatted the SD card, installed Rasbpian, and all the relevant packages again. in one of the packages I was asked if I want code coverage for fuzzing installed (KCOV), and this time I replied no. The problem no longer occurred when compiling the kernel module.

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