So my setup is the following: I have an Raspberry Pi Zero W plus a Camera that Records my Garage 24/7. It is streams the video nonstop so I can access it via Webbrowser. The output is mjpeg.

Is there a way to access that stream and display it on my second raspberry pi 3 on to its LCD display?

I connected the display to the gpio pins and installed the drivers already. Both raspberrys have raspbian lite installed and the raspberry 3 has VLC installed too.

Is there a way to access the stream so I can display it on the lcd display?

Thanks in advance :)


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Assuming your stream isn't password protected and your second Pi with the LCD attached is a GUI distro, I think you can take the URL from the video and display it via ie. VLC (since you've tagged with VLC):

vlc [url]

You can also open network streams in the VLC UI by going to Medium -> Open network stream (ctrl + n).

(I've tested this approach with this url https://www.w3schools.com/html/mov_bbb.mp4)

You might have to open dev tools find the absolute url to the stream.

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