I have my raspberry pi installed with ArchLinux Arm. I enabled UART and connected TTL pins with my PC via a USB2TTL adapter. This setup works fine as I can log in to the default alarm user --- a user in the wheel group --- and use systemctl start/stop without sudo. However, I got the following errors when I was attempting to connect to WiFi with nmcli device connect:

Error: Device 'wlan0' (/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/3) disconnecting failed: org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.network-control request failed: not authorized
Error: not all devices disconnected.

Initially, I doubt there might be something wrong with polkit, so I compared the checksums of actions and rules between the raspberry pi and my PC --- which runs ArchLinux --- and surprisingly all files are identical. After some researches, I found out that this phenomenon also emerges in ssh sessions. I also found something mentioned in other stack exchange answers:

By default, DBus only allows root and users sitting at the physical console to control networking settings.

Yes, this makes sense if there are additional authorizations required if a network-based session wants to change network settings. However, UART has nothing to do with the network. It is a serial port. I personally believe it should fall to the case of a physical console.

I then tested connecting my raspberry pi with a monitor and a keyboard for the command above. There's no error this time, and the change succeeds. Obviously, the UART based session is not considered as a physical console, which is quite astonishing. Nevertheless, I do want to enable the UART session to control network without sudo, while keeping this feature for network-based sessions like ssh. Any ideas for achieving that?

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