I've used the Raspberry Pi Imager utility to download and install Ubuntu Server 20.04 x64 on an SD card, and added hdmi_force_hotplug=1 to usercfg.txt before booting up.

This worked just fine for Raspbian OS (except the file modified in that case was config.txt) and yet, I don't get a console or any output whatsoever after the four-pixel color test appears and disappears.

The monitor does not go to sleep - it maintains a blank screen and an active display. I can still shut it down with Alt+Fn+SysRq+O but nothing else produces any output, only the low-level BIOS shortcuts like SysRq and CTRL+ALT+DEL trigger any response.

I apologise if this question has been answered, I was not able to find it. Could anyone suppose what mistake I am making?

Troubleshooting attempted

  • I've tried adding a static IP to the netconfig (optional: true) and SSH is 'not able to find a route.' Notably I did not add an ssh file to the boot partition at the time.
  • I've tried more specific HDMI settings, forcing it to my native resolution with reduced blanking - no change.
  • I've deleted the Imager's cache and re-downloaded / re-verified the SD card, with the same results.

Thanks again.

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I thought it would be funnier to answer my question than delete it - switching the HDMI port helps!

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    so it's a raspberry pi 4? May 19, 2020 at 4:06

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