I have bluetooth device which on windows has 2 com ports com3 amd com4

I found the device using


agent on
scan on
pair ##:##:##:##:##:##

rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm0  00:16:A6:00:06:E6
rfcomm bind 0 00:16:A6:00:06:E6 1
rfcomm bind 1 00:16:A6:00:06:E6 2

I have tried numerous variations and I can seem to get a usable connection.

Also I need the 2nd COM port (COM4 windows) to be bound not the first one, as far as I know, is useless to me.

The problem is most of the commands I try succeed without error, but no usable COM port exists as a result.

What is the correct way do do this?

Also I need to it up so that it automatically reconnects every time its rebooted.

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