I’ve been waiting for a Common Lisp with a decent IDE to become available on RPi and I see both Allegro https://franz.com/products/allegrocl/ and Lispworks http://www.lispworks.com/downloads/ have announced support For Common Lisp On ARM Linux. Does this mean they will install on top of Stretch? No doubt 2Gb+ of RAM would be ideal but would it run on a 1Gb Pi3?

  • If these programs have already launched the website should have the info you are seeking or at least a contact page so you ask your questions. If they are not released how can we answer this question? – Steve Robillard May 20 at 21:26
  • The question then becomes is Raspbian Stretch capable of running any ARM Linux binary, subject to having the right library versions such as glibc and enough memory? – Nick May 20 at 21:31

After a bit of fiddling and chatting with Allegro & Lispworks, ARM binaries marked as running on ARM/GNU Linux will run on RaspberryPi but they must be 32 bit binaries even though Pi is a 64 bit architecture. A 64 bit binary will install with no complaint but when the executable runs you'll receive an error saying it cannot be run.

As for Common LISP, Allegro is a no go since it is a 64 bit architecture, which is a great shame since even the free to download version is phenomenally powerful in what it offers. Lispworks, OTOH, is available as a 32 bit download with a limited version available for personal use. Shame that the full hobbyist version is so expensive at €400. Perhaps, LW and a few other vendors such as Matlab might like to follow Wolfram's lead with Mathematica and make their software availabe for free on Pi. I can't see it hitting their sales.

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