I'm interested in buying Raspberry Pi 4. I'd like to create simple server for testing my applications and storing data (home cloud). I wonder if I can manually install Ubuntu Server like on standard computer. Can I boot from USB and install OS on SD card / external disk instead of burning preinstalled Raspbian / Ubuntu?


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The simplest way is to visit the download site and select your version. I would go for the 64bit 20.04 for your proposed Pi 4B and drop it onto an SD card for now.

Play around for a few weeks till the USB SSD/HDD boot is a bit more complete or help out and test the beta software.

I have one 20.04 Intel box running with around 8Tb of data so far as a temporary NAS and not broken it yet :)

  • Thanks. But is there an option install Ubuntu manually (preferably expert mode) going this way? I don't really need to boot from USB if only I can install "custom" version.
    – samoloth
    May 25, 2020 at 11:16

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