I just re-installed raspbian on a PI3: after a raspbian update (apt update/upgrade): . there was sound with VLC, but video freezed . there was video with OMXplayer, but no sound . KODI was working as usual on .ts downloaded files (it crashes with .mkv from avidemux since i moved from 16.04 to 18.04 on my Ubuntu tower)

I do not have the problem on a PI 4 that was not upgraded.

Weel, coming back to the PI3, with a "new" raspbian: . KODI is working as before . OMXplayer is now working . VLC shows the video, but there is no sound. On the last trial I got a 'pulseaudio server connection failure: connection refused'.

PulseAudio is not installed. 1. Why does VLC try to use it ? 2. Shoul I install pulseaudio ?

Thanks for your help


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