I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian

I have 2 questions related to not valid drives in File Manager.

Question 1,

I have a device in File Manager menu GO->DEVICES Y032V. This device when clicked always returns an error message “The specified directory 'computer:///Y032V.drive' is not valid” Even if I disconnect everything of the Pi, only power supply is connected, the device is there. What device is that? Maybe the SD card itself? But invalid?

Question 2,

I attached a USB SSD as the main storage.

Option 1 After system boot up the Raspbian GUI auto mounts the SSD to /media/pi. I made the mount folder accessible to all my users. In File Manager menu GO->DEVICES I can see the SSD and when I click on it it takes me to the mounting point. It works well.

Option 2 I tried to follow the RaspberryPi website recommendation https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/external-storage.md and I created a folder /mnt/mySSD and made it read-write accessible to all my users. In /etc/fstab I mounted the SSD to this folder. Users can read and write. It works well.

But when I open the File Manager and go to the menu GO -> DEVICES mySSD I get an error message “The specified directory 'computer:///Samsung%20Portable%20SSD%20T5.drive' is not valid” Why is that? Is is safe to use it this way (option 2)?

  • Sounds like a network drive. computer:///Y032V.drive – Unsigned_Arduino May 27 at 17:19
  • And BTW, please ask only one question. You've asked 2 question. – Unsigned_Arduino May 27 at 17:20
  • thank for your suggestion – flevel May 27 at 22:36

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