I just set up a new Raspberry Pi and it came preloaded with Minecraft Pi.

I opened up the game just to see how it works. I then wanted to exit the game but it would only take me back to the title screen.

I'm not familiar at all with this OS so I tried all the windows shortcuts I know: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Alt+Tab, Esc, nothing worked. The game was in full screen but there wasn't an "x" to exit the screen. I had to just pull the plug and plug it back in to get back to the desktop... terrible I know, but I seriously don't know what I'm doing wrong.


I ran into the same issue, here is what I did:

Open TTY1


Find running processes

ps r

I found the TTY7 process PID number then enter command where nnnn is the PID number.

sudo kill nnnn

Go back to GUI (TTY7)

ALT + F7

Login to your GUI session, this will be a new session.

There may be a better way to do this but this saved me from the pull the plug option.

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With some googling I found like

When minecraft pi's screen is of an image, you could change that with setting overscan to disable

The first step

sudo raspi-config

And move to Advanced Setting, move to overscan and select Disable.

Overscan is for old TV, I think you are not using old TV so I think it doesn’t affect.

I hope you enjoy MCPi!

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  • Thanks for the reply. However, I'm not sure I understand. How does one change the setting if they can't exit the game? – notacluehowtopi May 31 at 0:14
  • You can disable using command “sudo raspi-config” or raspi setting. I think googling is most fast way! – TamaTama May 31 at 6:01
  • Thanks TamaTama, but again I don’t understand what you’re suggesting. I have googled the following: “How to exit minecraftPI”, “Can’t exit MinecraftPi”, “How to force quit a program in RasberryPi”, etc. none of which gave me a result that I could use when the screen is on the Minecraft game. How do you use a command when the screen is set on Minecraft and you can’t exit? Is there some keyboard shortcut to get tot the command screen? I apologize but can you please be more detailed in your answer, I’m brand new to this OS. Thanks! – notacluehowtopi Jun 1 at 12:41

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