Dear specialists :) ,

I got a lot of help during the last month from this forum but this time I can't find the right thread.

Problem: I had connected a WebDav-Connection to the https://dav.mailbox.org successfully simultaneously with Android, Win10, and Raspbian. But surprisingly I can't copy or create files within the WebDav-Folder on the Raspbian-side. I can create and rename a given folder. Deleting them is not possible. On Window10-side everything works as aspected.

For a project, I need an auto-sync "area" between these three devices.

Do you have any hint for me?

Kind regards Daniel

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I have found a solution.

The setting of the my configuration davfs2.conf should be so:

if_match_bug 1
use_locks 0
cache_size 1
table_size 4096
delay_upload 1
gui_optimize 1

Src: https://kb.mailbox.org/display/MBOKBEN/WebDav+for+Linux?beecom.language=en

Kind regards Daniel

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