I'm having a Raspberry pi4 4GB model, with the raspbian (TWISTER OS) installed. I have installed julia using the sudo apt install julia command. But I am having problem with integrating with shell. Previously I tried to install 'Eclipse' but it didn't start. I need some help finding out the right compiler for julia and how to install it. While installing I came to know about a package by the install called sudo apt install libzmq3-dev the command didn't work and the package didn't install. I followed this website https://juliaberry.github.io/. I'm just a beginner at programming and am interested to learn the programming language. I'm just looking for a way to integrate it with any IDE if available or just move to an easy IDE. Thanks.

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    If you are a beginner why are you using anything other than the standard OS downloadable from raspberrypi.org? – joan Jun 8 at 16:16
  • As this is your second question and it is nearly identical to your first (changing only Julia for golang) and you identify yourself as a beginner, you might advance to intermediate if you applied some focus. Pick a language and learn it well enough to write quality code. You don't need a fancy IDE that will hide the details to do this. And if you get good with a single language you will find picking up another fairly easy. Further, a web search for a tutorial for whatever language you are interested in plus the word Linux should give you all the information a beginner needs to get started. – Steve Robillard Jun 8 at 21:02
  • First I did install the official raspbian OS. It used to work pretty well and then I came to know about Pilabs who were the author of twister OS. They claimed their OS to be a bit modified version of the same old raspbian but with a new windows and mac os look. Unfortunately due to some improper installation of a few programs I had to erase the SD card. From then since the sd card was blank I thought to try out the OS. – Dhrubojyoti Dey Jun 9 at 9:45
  • Yes it is! (the second one). The purpose for the question was to know if I can use the same IDE as a compiler. As far as I know Julia is a bit like Python and Golang is the successor of C/C++. The former uses Interpreter and the latter, a compiler. I've been using Thonny IDE for Python. Can I use the same for Golang? – Dhrubojyoti Dey Jun 9 at 9:55

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