I installed the x735 shutdown script on my pi with the x735 board. The script allows the hat to provide power, and then safely shutdown on button press. I upgraded the board to a x728 which allows batteries, and when i start it up, the x735 script automatically runs and shuts the pi down. Normally one could just go into the SD card and remove the file, but I am unable to do that due to the filesystem type (berryboot). What all this means is that I need a way to halt the startup scripts without editing SD card, either through key combination or something else. Here is Link to bad script.

Thanks and I know this might not be possible!

  • What happens if you boot without the hat on? Does that give you a chance to edit the script? – Andyroo Jun 8 at 20:06
  • @Andyroo That is the most obvious solution but that should be a last resort as i would have to spend half a day taking apart and putting back together the whole project – Realleok Jun 8 at 20:10
  • In Berryboot, install another OS. Boot into that new one, then fix your other OS's root partition from there. – Botspot Jun 8 at 20:58
  • 1
    I'm curious... what do you feel would motivate one to spend essentially the same as the cost of a new RPi on an item of hardware with documentation like this? – Seamus Jun 8 at 21:08
  • @Seamus i agree that the x735 is a stupid product, i don't recommend, what i do recommend is the x728 which i got to replace it. Finally, a UPS that can supply enough Amps for the Pi 4. – Realleok Jun 8 at 23:00

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