I've just setup a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the latest Raspberry Pi OS image (all tools). I'm trying to install Jupyter on it using the command 'sudo pip3 install jupyter' and I get the following errors;

Error: notebook 6.0.3 has requirement jupyter-core>=4.6.1, but you'll have jupyter-core 4.4.0 which is incompatiable.

Error: jupyter-client 6.1.3 has requirement jupyter-core>=4.6.0, but you'll have jupyter-core 4.4.0 which is incompatiable.

My version of pip3 is 20.1.1. The Raspberry Pi OS is; Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) with desktop and recommended software Image with desktop and recommended software based on Debian Buster Version:May 2020 Release date:2020-05-27 Kernel version:4.19

Please could someone let me know how I can fix these?

Kind regards.


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Try using --upgrade which should upgrade the dependencies too:

sudo pip3 install jupyter --upgrade

If that doesn't work, I'd try upgrading jupyter-core first:

sudo pip3 install jupyter-core --upgrade

Pip is not always the best choice on RPi. I've had a few failures esp. where dependencies are concerned. I suggest you uninstall you're current Jupyter installation, and install Jupyter from the the Raspberry Menu -> Preference -> Add/Remove Software, Jupyter can be found as version jupyter-4.4.0-2.

I'm fairly sure that will do the trick since I have Jupyter running on one of my Pi3s quite nicely

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