I'm trying to get the USB soundcard embedded in a DJ mixer (Allen & Heath Xone23C) to play nice with a Raspberry Pi for the sake of using it with XWAX, an open source dj software. The problem is, only 4 out of the 8 channels on the soundcard show up. So I tried it on as many different platforms as I could, checking the config. Here's my scratch page of notes. The configs are at the bottom.


Macbook: Printing the device (with a lil python script) reveals two configurations (bNumConfigurations : 2) and the second configuration is clearly the one with 8 channels (4 in, 4 out). Works great with every dj software I've tried.

Laptop running latest Ubuntu: Both configurations show up, but it defaults to the first one (bConfigurationValue: 1). But echoing 2 into bConfigurationValue as su makes all the right channels show up. Works great with xwax and mixxx.

Raspberry Pi 3B: Only one config for some reason. Trying to change the config value manually obviously throws an Invalid Argument error because config 2 doesn't exist. The channels that do show up work fine. But I need all of them for DVS.

Thoughts and questions:

  • Why on earth would it not even read the configs correctly?
  • Is this a hardware limitation?
  • Is something bugging on the way in?
  • Can I modify a driver or kernal somehow to read the whole config?
  • Does rpi4 have a different usb controller that might work better?

Thanks in advance! <3

  • Edited for formatting. Also I forgot to make the notion page public. Jun 11, 2020 at 3:37
  • do you know the VID/PID of the usb device? (lsusb will show you) Jun 11, 2020 at 4:48
  • Yeah, they're listed in the configs on that notion page I linked. VID: 22f0, PID: 0008 Jun 11, 2020 at 12:51


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