I am using a Mac Aluminium extended keyboard with a Pi4. It's there as an option in Raspian Prefs - which I have set to ISO. In the one app I am using that has the option of f1 thru f6 to move between data entry fields the fkeys are not working. Is there a way of controlling this? I am guessing it's not application specific and relates the way the OS reads the keyboard.

  • Have you tried setting the function keys to act as a normal key where you need to press the fn-key to change volume etc.? It’s in the Mac OS system preferences for keyboard. My Mac is packed away at the mo else I would be a bit more clear... – Andyroo Jun 12 at 16:47
  • Just to reiterate: I am using the keyboard on a Pi4 running raspian OS. I know how to use the fkeys on a Mac. – forestDM Jun 13 at 14:54
  • Apologies - I had assumed you where using SSH from the Mac. In this case I think you may need to investigate the xmodmap functionality. – Andyroo Jun 13 at 18:21

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