i would like to use an usb stick to boot from my CM3+, because i would like to test the eMMC with different file systems

I edited /boot/config.txt adding program_usb_boot_mode=1 but nothing changed. Anyone got an idea what i could try? Maybe i am missing some line in the config.txt

I dont think it makes a difference but i am using an USB 3.0 Stick

Thanks already for the help


So i found some stuff with help of the raspberry pi forum: Here is how i used a usb stick to boot from (currently only works with CM3L, i dont know why)

For anyone who wants to boot from USB themselves. Here is how i did it.

  1. Flash SD/eMMC with Raspberry Pi OS
  2. Start the Raspberry Pi and open command line and type: echo program_usb_boot_mode=1 | sudo tee -a /boot/config.txt
  3. Check if OTP bit is set correctly with: vcgencmd otp_dump | grep 17: If output is 17:3020000a everything is ok, otherwise reboot and try again
  4. Now flash an empty USB-Stick with Raspberry Pi OS and add the line Program_usb_boot_mode=1 To the config.txt file
  5. Don’t forget to delete the files on the eMMC or remove the SD-card
  6. Connect the USB_OTGID Pin to GND (If you removed the R12 Resistor)
  7. Plug in the USB-Stick and connect a micro-USB cable with enough Ampere to POWER IN

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