I have a Pi4B-4 with a 13.3 diag HDMI screen. The fonts are too small even when preffed to "large". True of console text size too. Kindly, how do I resize them larger? Obvious noob question, (sight impaired).


On desktop, Right Click>> Desktop Preference>> Defaults Then choose your setting and see what happens.


The Defaults in Appearance Settings are suggestions only.
If you select the System tab you can select sizes for the Font.
The Menu Bar tab lets you change the size up to 48*48 pixels. Right-clicking on the Panel will also show settings.

Individual applications may have their own settings. E.g. Vivaldi browser has a User Interface Zoom option.

Raspberry VI has some help for visually impaired users.

apt-cache search magnifier will show a couple of screen magnifier applications.

Ultimately there is a limit to how useful these are, because you run out of screen real estate. The only solution is a larger screen, I abandoned 13" screens in favour of a 21.5" monitor.

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