I have set up a vsftp service on linux. It use to work perfectly fine by typing in my browser ftp://kali:@ip-address/. However now whenever i try to do it I get the following message on the page:

Index of / Name Size Date Modified

The only thing I did recently was in Esfile transfer app, in the FTP settings I added a connection to the pi (which I must say still works fine). I thought maybe this is the reason it doesn't work via the browser so I deleted it and attempted it again via the browser but it didn't work.

What does this message mean and any way I get past it ? (I have seen this error been reported before however I am unable to solve it since they seem different)

  • Avoid using FTP since it's very insecure. You probably want to use something like SFTP, that is supported natively in raspbian. Jul 11, 2020 at 1:42

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It's not an error message, it's a directory index.

"Index of /" means "this is the index of the root directory". And "Name Size Date Modified" are the column headers.

But vsftp is unable to list any files. I suspect you have a permissions or file corruption problem.

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