I have an old raspberry pi 3B+. After a long time, I tried to use it. I found raspbian stretch image file in an old archive. So I wrote it in a 32GB microSD card and tried to boot the pi. But the ACT light(green) doesn't glow at all.

Things I tried

  • Re write the image file to sd card ( I know the img file is not corrupted as I remember using it previously and it worked ).
  • I checked the 3V3 pin, and it is working ( so I haven't fused or burnt my pi ).
  • I tried it with another SD card, still it doesn't help.

I went through the internet but could't find any troubleshooting methods other than the above. Help me to boot my little old friend [ her name is ANA :) ].

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    Try your SDCard in another RPi. If it boots OK then send your 3B+ to the recycling and replace it with a RPi4B 2GB.
    – Dougie
    Jul 7 '20 at 7:56
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    what did you use to write the image to the SDCARD? Also, have you tried using the latest image (Raspberry pi OS Buster) to see if that works Jul 7 '20 at 10:00
  • Follow the The Boot Problems Sticky and tell us what step fails.
    – Ingo
    Jul 9 '20 at 17:35

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