Hi I have 3D Printer which is based on that computer: http://www.bcmcom.com/bcm_product_AR6MXCS.html It has the usb ports and when I plug the mouse, I can moving and clicking the mouse on the screen (like on raspberry Pi). This computer is based on Android and paired on the another computer which is controlling firmware of 3D Printer. The role of this Android based computer is the GUI interface between printer and user, transfer sliced file for print, internet connection etc. I would like to build something like simulator of mouse controlled via Raspberry Pi, plug it into usb but operating via Raspberry Pi. The idea is to connect remotely via VNC to raspPi and click on the screen START JOB REMOTELY, cause on this machine it must be the HUMAN with FINGERS to push the button [START JOB]. Any ideas how to do it instead of install robo arm? ;>

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