my setup is an IO Board V3.0 with an CM3L. I have an external eMMC + Adapter i connected to the pins 22-27 of my IO Board. Im using the raspbian buster (2020-05-27).

To connect the eMMC-adapter to the board i wrote dtoverlay=sdio into the config.txt file. I also tried gpio=22-27=a3 and/or dtoverlay=mmc with the same results.

It boots with no errors and when i use the command lsblk to see if something besides the bootable USB-Stick shows up, nothing does.

I just want to use the eMMC as a mass storage device. Not as a booting device. Im booting from an external usb-stick i plugged into my usb-dongle.

I also tried the command vcgencmd get_throttled to check if there is under voltage. The output was throttled=0x0, so no under voltage.

I also tried the command rpi-update because i saw that suggested somewhere else, didnt do anything noticable.

What are my options here? Is there maybe some additional repository i need to install? Any help is appreciated

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