There's some information around disabling Bluetooth interface on boot for Raspberry Pi3 and previous, as described on this page: Disable power on Wifi and Bluetooth interfaces during boot?

The same applies to Raspberry Pi4? In other words... should I use


or a similar command like this one:


So... How properly disable it?

(I'm running Raspbian Buster).

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If you have a look in the /boot/overlays/README file you will see that the folk at RPF/RPT have tried to sort this out by actually renaming the file:

This overlay has been renamed disable-bt

Unfortunately, the internet never keeps up 😢 so you will not find a pi4-disable-bt option. You can continue to use the pi3 command but I would use the disable-bt just in case they remove the pi3 version in the future.

To be honest though, why bother? The power saving is so minor and another device transmitting in the air makes zero difference to the transmission speeds...


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