I want to set up MPD on my Raspberry Pi. I am using latest the Debian Wheezy, and I want MPD to run on the network and to listen to any interface. So far I've installed it:

sudo apt-get install mpd

and set these variables in /etc/mpd.conf

music_directory "/mnt/Music"
bind_to_address "::"

and somehow got it working and playing my music. But after a reboot, it did not start automatically and my client (gmpc) does not see anything in the database. When I try to update the database (via gmpc), it says that it is already updating, but actually it is not updating, because the mpd process is consuming only 0.3 %cpu.


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I've changed bind_to_address to "any" and set mpd to be /var/run/mpd owner.

sudo chown mpd /var/run/mpd

and gave 755 permissions to /var/run/mpd/pid file

sudo chmod 755 /var/run/mpd/pid

Now it is working perfectly.

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