I have some problems with my WLAN connection since I changed my network because of a new router. Before its IP was 192.168.9.xxx now it is 192.168.1.xxx

Now I loose multiple times a day my connection to the WiFi. Once it looses the connection it never reconnects automatically again. If I reboot the Raspberry it is instantly connected again to my WiFi. The Raspberry is not connected via LAN.

Even while being connected / being online with my WiFi "Kuhlenet" the status looks like this:


I don't understand what these up/down arrow means, because there should be waves symbolizing being connected and there is also no checkmark in front of "Kuhlenet".

Does anyone have an idea how to find the solution of my connection aborts or how to reset my Raspberrys network for debugging purpose?

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  • The Pi is irrelevant to the question and any answer. The problem is your new router operates differently to the old one. It sounds like the new router defaults to a different address range and its wireless does not work so well with the Pi. – joan Aug 1 at 13:44
  • You write "the Pi is irrelevant" and in your next sentence "its wireless does not work so well with the Pi".... I have around 60 other wlan products (lamps, etc.) who all work perfectly with my Router/WiFi. – Kuhlemann Aug 1 at 13:49
  • I would check if you have changed channel (even 2.4 to 5Ghz) on the router and if the router is set up correctly (location settings can lead to some really odd errors). I would also check you are using a good power supply not adapter - I spend three weeks tracking down issues on a Pi 3B+ that was due to using a 4A adapter rather than power supply - changed to the official one and they all went away. – Andyroo Aug 1 at 16:55